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Publishing books was nothing new for CEO and Founder Jacqulyn “Jacqui”  Wilson. A published author in her own right, she knew the difficulty one faces in completing the publishing journey.  Thus, when she served as a writing coach for a group of ladies completing an anthology via the Get Heard! Coaching program, she naturally thought about how the world would receive their book. Desiring that they and other clients have the support of a company who could see their vision, she launched Get Heard! Publishing House (GHPH) in 2023. Later, GHPH became a part of the Elevated Missions PREP, Inc. family. 

Jacqui Signing Book

Our Goals

Stories that Empower

We share genuine stories that empower, inspire, and help people to overcome. 

Tools that enhance

Through our journals and planners, we enhance individuals’ lives helping them to become more efficient in the areas of their life that matter. 

Educate in New Experiences

Reading books brings people to a new level of consciousness, challenging them to think beyond what they know and have experienced.

Equip for what’s next

While the world is ever-changing and knowledge is being constantly tweaked with discoveries, good or bad, so much remains the same. Having the ability to recognize and continuously face the day is a life skill all are in need of today.

Honor God

With so much negativity/evil in this world, we provide high-quality works that create good within and without. Our definition of good centers around God whose thinking is so much higher than ours and from which good takes its very definition. 

Authors reflect on their journey with Get Heard! Publishing House


Angie Feuerstein

Angie is one of the co-authors of Born to Shine.  To see more author experiences, click here to visit our YouTube page.


Maria Elena Zuniga

Maria Elena is the author of Starting Over.  To see more author experiences, click here to visit our YouTube page.


Shelli Jorkos

Shelli Jorkos is one of the co-authors of Born to Shine. To see more author experiences, click here to visit our YouTube page.

/ Polish

Most of our authors come through our coaching program. However, we do review the books of those who have already written their book, fit the coaching criteria, and only need their book polished. Polishing includes the final phases before a book is launched.  This includes testing for audience reaction, professional editing, formatting, creating a cover, and including our seal as the official publishing company. 


When the book is polished, it is time to launch. Again, individuals we assist must meet our criteria for us to support their launch. Launching includes a virtual or in-person launch party depending upon the chosen plan. In addition, it includes marketing materials and ideas for clients to continuously engage with the audience and enhance sales.

/ Polish and Relaunch

Here at GHPH, we have a standard, four-star rating or higher. Sometimes, after an author has independently launched their book or utilized other services, they discover that they did not receive what they desired. Thus, we will review their materials to determine how we can help them, polish, and host a relaunch. They must meet our coaching criteria to obtain these services. 

/ Specialty and corporate publishing

We assist in publishing one-time special event books or booklets for individuals, groups, non-profits, companies, etc. We can help develop and publish magazines, manuals, and more. Meet with us to learn how we can help your specific needs.

How do authors benefit with GHPH?



  • We produce high quality work, and only place our seal on the work once we are satisfied with what it represents. Besides having a reputation for quality work, having a publishing seal lends credibility and legitimacy to authors’ works. 
  • We provide expertise to enhance the continuous sales of books. 
  • We provide low-cost suggestions on how the author can remain engaged with the audience to increase sales. 
  • We provide very generous royalties. 
  • We encourage authors to participate in events beyond what we host to increase their visibility. 
  • We provide low-cost author copies of the book to the author. 
  • We provide suggestions to develop brand and visual identity; thus, creating consistency and increasing author recognition.
  • We encourage our authors to scale. 
  • We want our authors to increase their income through books sales and engagements centered around their message, so they can live their dream life with all the joys available.