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Before moving on, a brief moment for acknowledgements…

Our Team

Our company works with the best, and our team consists of several professionals who are extremely proficient in editing, formatting,  cover creation, and book trailer releases. Though you do not see their faces, you see evidence of their work, and we acknowledge them for their excellent skills and abilities to help our authors shine. 

Our Course Creators

As you know, everyone’s publishing journey is different,. While some start with us from the onset of their writing projects, others come to us when they have already started the journey.  Through partnerships, we now have an opportunity to better serve these individuals in the publishing journey.  Thus, we  acknowledge our Course Creators. Learn more about what they offer by visiting Get Heard! Academy or our our divisional shop. 

To Our Audience 

Whether you are fans, friends, or family, thank you for your support, pictures, ratings, etc. You are totally awesome, and we greatly appreciate you.

To Our Authors

We could not do it without you! Keep shining! Keep showing up! Keep empowering! Keep changing lives! Thank you for allowing us to be a part of your journey. 

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Meet Our Authors

Learn more about the authors whose books you are reading.

Maria Elena Picture 1

Maria Elena Zuniga

Maria Elena is taking the world by storm as she shares her account of Hurricane Katrina and other storms of life, but what makes her journey more prolific is how she serving multi-lingual communities. She is Garifuna and Afro-latina, and her books will be available in English and Spanish. 








More author photos coming…


Experience Author Journeys

Authors reflect on their writing journey. More videos are available on our YouTube page. Click here to access. 


Angie Feuerstein Reflects on What The Best Part of Writing Was For Her.

Angie understands that pain is a universal experience and being able to share tools to help people overcome is important to her. 


More coming…


Hear from Readers

What are readers saying about our authors and their books? More videos are available on our YouTube page. Click here to access. 




Beta readers share their insights on the messages they received from Maria Elena Zuniga’s Starting Over: A Second Line of Hope.




















Look at Fan Photos and Videos

We’re grateful for all those who support our authors. See more photos via our social media pages @emprepgh.


Marta Hernandez Proudly Poses with her copy of God Why Did You Save Me?

Marta watched God Why Did You Save Me come to life as she attended the Transformation Series featuring author Carolyn Murphy.  As an audience member, Marta was an integral part of the journey,  sharing her thoughts concerning the book while the draft developed.








More coming…


Listen to Signature Talks

Hear the central message that our authors are sharing.


In this powerful speech, Carolyn Murphy conveys the heartfelt emotions of someone who has faced a series of traumatic events and harsh life circumstances. Still, on the other side, it all shows how God uses her story to help change people’s lives.


Fear of the unknown, overwhelmed, devastated, and no comprehensible reference, how do you survive it all and still have hope? María Elena  survived Hurricane Katrina, Hurricane Rita, Hurricane Harvey, Winter Storm Uri, and other personal challenges to still stand today. 



More coming…


Learn from Our Authors

Our authors take the next steps to help you reach new levels. 


Hailing from London, England, Angela Wiafe,  co-author of Born to Shine endeavors to inspire confidence in others through affirmations. 



More coming…


Peruse Event Photos

Be a part of our author events. Stay tuned via our social media pages @emprepgh.



Born to Shine co-author Shelli Jorkos poses with James Malinchak, author of Millionaire Success Secrets and featured on ABC’s Secret Millionaire, at his mastermind event.



More coming…

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