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Meet Our CEO and President

Jacqui Wilson is the heart and soul behind the company. After taking courses for two coaching programs, Get Heard! was formulated in 2022 with the assistance of her business coach. Jacqui niched down the program’s purpose when she assisted a group of ladies in publishing their book Born to Shine: Navigating the Life of the Sensitive Soul. Each time she answered the call to help, her company grew.  In January 2023, she launched the Get Heard! Publishing House to provide a forum for her client’s published books. Get Heard! Studios was a natural offshoot of the division, as she and her team prepared marketing material and videos to assist clients.  In addition, clients have the ability to learn how to get heard at their own pace by utilizing the Get Heard Academy. 

In June 2023, she brought all her business interests, including Get Heard!, under one roof, Elevated Missions PREP, Inc., recognizing the transformational nature of how she helped others. In July 2023, she took her company’s impact further by securing an Amazon store.

Learn more about her, her vision, and how she utilizes her position to help. She welcomes people to visit her blog, How to CEO Your Life, at or her YouTube channel at

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