Get Heard! Studios Embarks on a Transformative Journey

Joshua Sortino



In August, Get Heard! Studios embarked on a transformative journey with Get Heard’s coaching program to provide an “extreme makeover” for client Carolyn Murphy.  Carolyn wanted the total Get Heard! coaching package. 


  • Write and publish a book.

  • Set up a professional website.

  • Enhance her social media presence.

  • Develop a coaching package.

  • Create a course.

  • Craft a signature talk.


Carolyn courageously brought the public along with her on the journey, and the Client Transformation series launched. Each week,  as the Get Heard! Coach Jacqui Wilson shares Carolyn’s progress, she teaches the audience how to apply the various techniques, and the response has been phenomenal.  The audience loves the ability to ask questions and comment on Carolyn’s progress.  Eventually, we will see all Get Heard! subdivisions work in conjunction to fulfill Carolyn’s dream.  Are you interested in your own journey? Book an appointment to learn how Get Heard! can change your life. The series continues through September, with the finale on Thursday, September 28, 2023, at 7:00 PM CST/ 8:00 PM EST.  See all upcoming episodes and other events on


Did you miss an episode? Don’t worry! 

Get Heard! Client Transformation series will be

available for replay when the series ends.