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About us

Get Heard! is a division of Elevated Missions PREP, Inc, which consists of four subdivisions designed to elevate the client’s voice through products and services. We create avenues for you to be heard but also to hear the people and fulfill their needs. 

We are the multi-media and product development arm, which recognizes that you may know what you want to produce, but you may need direction or assistance producing what you desire. That’s why we are here to help.

We work with individuals, organizations, and businesses who desire to empower and meet the needs of their potential or current clientele. We elevate you as you elevate others. We create specialty packages for every client, so whether you want to write, speak, create, build, and/or scale, we have the right package for you. Just ask! Our goal is your success, so you can empower those through how you serve.

Our Subdivisions

Get Heard! consists of four subdivisions. The subdivisions include Get Heard! Coaching, Get Heard! Publishing House, Get Heard! Studios, and Get Heard! Academy.  


Why Is It Important for Me to Be Heard?

Being heard brings acknowledgment that what you have to say and produce matters and can have a profound impact not only on your life but the lives of those you serve. 


What Is the Immediate Effect of You Being Heard?

You build your authority by positioning yourself as the message, service, or product specialist. You provide real value to those you serve by connecting to the right venues, consistently building community, and engaging with other experts and influencers like yourself.

Why Is It Important for You to Take Action to Be Heard?

What you have matters. People are waiting to hear the message and experience the product you have to change their lives. If you do not share it, who will? How much longer should they wait when you have what they need?

What Is the Long-Term Effect of Being Heard?

When you can monetize what you have, you increase your value to the community, maximize your potential, strengthen your audience relationships and partnerships, and boost overall profitability.

Be heard!

We tell you that you can do it.


We tell you that you can do it.
We tell you how you can do it


We tell you how you can do it
We help you to do it successfully.


We help you to do it successfully.