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Meet Our CEO and President

Jacqui Wilson gave life to Christian Children’s Empowerment (CCE) on September 1, 2012.   Before its creation, she worked in the legal field. Having worked in the criminal and juvenile courts, and ultimately for the State of Tennessee as an Administrative Hearing Official, she noted behavior patterns across every legal entity.  Unconsciously, she determined that the legal field was not the answer to many of the issues people faced. She knew there had to be a solution, but what? She did not realize that God would tap her to become a part of the solution. 

In obedience to His call, she left her job and started empowering children using biblical principles worldwide. She knew the effect of the lessons because she had practiced them with children she already knew.  She saw their confidence soar. First, she started CCE with “practical” bible study lessons. Learn the story and learn how to apply the lessons from the story. She provided these lessons for free to anyone who wanted them. This is how her first contact was made with the children of the Giotto area of Nakuru, Kenya. 

Already involved in local mission work, Jacqui launched CCE deeper into the mission field with a partnership with Our Roots Kenya and Pink Elephant (now defunct). The task was to assist them in teaching orphaned children English. Through this programming, the ideology of Empowerment University for Children was born. Jacqui wanted to do more, and like the launch of CCE was the solution to her previous question, EUC became the solution not only for the children of Kenya, but children, parents, teachers, communities, etc., from around the world. Recognizing the value of partnership, the World Empowerment Network (WEN) was a natural construct that arose. The CCE family was complete. CCE is now part of the Elevated Missions PREP, Inc. family as of June 2023, along with her other business interests. 

Learn more about Jacqui, her life’s vision, and how she utilizes her position to help. She welcomes people to visit her blog, How to CEO Your Life, at or her YouTube channel at

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