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About us

Standards of excellence are established in childhood and set the groundwork for how well a child will fulfill their purpose.  The CCE Division of Elevated Missions PREP, Inc. is designed to provide a solid foundation for children to move through life with intention, toward their greater purpose. 

We are the foundational layer that recognizes the importance of combatting the negativity children must face each day, providing them with direction and assistance so that they may overcome their challenging circumstances and reflect something greater than what life has dealt to them. 

We connect with parents, teachers, leaders, churches, organizations, and businesses who desire to empower children and elevate their thinking, actions, and abilities.  Our goal is the child’s success, so they can become instrumental in the empowerment process for their lives and other people’s lives, serving at their highest level. 

Our Subdivisions

CCE consists of four subdivisions. The subdivisions include the Eva C. Smith Biblical Learning Center (BLC), the Brenda S. Wilson Mission Works Foundation (MWF), Empowerment University for Children (EUC), and the World Empowerment Network (WEN).


What Does Children’s Empowerment Mean to You?

Our approach to children’s empowerment is two-prong. Yes, we are here to lay the foundation and provide the support that children need to excel. However, we have an expectation that children will seek to empower after they have learned. For example, this is why you will see children being served and children serving, especially with our mission work.


What Is the Immediate Effect of Participating?

We provide a welcoming environment, so children and families feel like they belong. Children will know they can reach their potential and positively impact the community they live in and beyond. 


World Empowerment Network (WEN)

World Empowerment Network (WEN)

I Am a Parent/Leader. How Does CCE Help Me?

Besides providing support through the BLC readings, our sites are geared toward delivering tools that can assist you in addressing your child’s needs and furthering their empowerment growth.

My Family Is Not Christian; Can We Still Participate?

Absolutely! Christianity is a personal choice, and yes, we utilize biblical principles to execute our work. However, all are welcome to connect and learn more about how our programs can assist them.

Be heard!

We tell you that you can do it.


We tell you that you can do it.
We tell you how you can do it


We tell you how you can do it
We help you to do it successfully.


We help you to do it successfully.