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About us

Elevated Missions PREP, Inc. is a coaching, consultation, and educational firm designed to propel people into their purpose by (1) building their confidence, (2) eliminating limiting beliefs, and (3) helping them plan and execute tools to reach their purpose and achieve professional-level success. 

We are uniquely positioned to deliver unprecedented service to clients through our three divisions, which provide full-scale, empowered experiences for every client. We are people and purpose-focused

Clients have an opportunity to choose from a variety of specialty packages to help develop their ability to obtain short-term and long-term goals. Our goal is your success so you can empower those through how you serve.

Our Divisions

Elevated Missions PREP, Inc. consists of three divisions and twelve subdivisions. Our three divisions include Get Heard!, CWS, and CCE.  Each division has four subdivisions, all working toward our greater purpose of empowering people to serve as the best versions of themselves. 


Why Use the Word Elevated?

The greatest leader serves people. We use the word elevated to indicate that our purposes are greater than who we are as people. What are we doing if we do not look to a higher purpose, serve, meet needs, etc.? We all need something higher than us to guide us on our mission. Thus, it must be something elevated. 

Why Use the Word Mission?

If you are not on a mission, what is your purpose? As we look to companies, organizations, events, and causes to have a mission, individuals should have a mission. A mission gives you direction, outlines purpose, and gives you a clear objective to obtain.  When people do not have a mission, they feel lost, have no sense of purpose, are confused, and often have a sense of worthlessness. Yet, we believe that you have a mission no matter who you are, and we help you achieve that mission.


What Is PREP?

PREP is an acronym for Professionals Ready to Empower toward Purpose. While the first part of the corporation’s name shares our what, the latter part of our name shares our how and why. When helping you shape your life, community, organization, and/or business, we want to do so with a spirit of excellence, a guaranteed high quality. Thus, we use professionals who shine in their fields to deliver great products and services. They are ready to help you meet your goal.  

We tell you that you can do it.


We tell you that you can do it.
We tell you how you can do it


We tell you how you can do it
We help you to do it successfully.


We help you to do it successfully.